The windows are done and if you were here, you would probably not know they are there. There is a considerable difference in the temperature (comfort) in this room, so your storm windows do work as advertised.
Charles Marcantel - Sulphur, Louisiana

We received the shipment, which was in perfect condition. Your use of recycled packing was a big plus. I was impressed with the simple elegant design. The installation went smoothly (one ladder, one battery powered driver, one moderately skilled home owner).
Our living room is noticeably warmer. All in all a good solution for our 1920’s era windows.
We intend to cover our remaining windows next fall.
A big “job well done” to all at your company.

David Mumma - Tacoma, Washington

Here are three photos:
1- the installed insert (it’s almost invisible)

I utilize a Flir thermal imaging camera to evaluate the actual benefits from any efficiency modifications and when comparing the thermal images between the neighboring skylight without the insert shows a dramatic and clear improvement.

2- a FLIR of the skylight with the insert. The color is fairly uniform across the glass and not too “dark purple”.

3- a FLIR of the skylight without the insert. You will notice the very dark purple at the outside (roof side) of the skylight. The difference between these two FLIR’s is dramatic. There is no condensation on the skylight glass on the one with the insert and condensation on the skylight without the insert.

I have to say that my “customer experience” with both you and your company could not have been better. The window arrived promptly and whoever designed the packing setup deserves a gold star! The installation instructions were clear and straightforward.

Thanks again for exceeding my expectations.

Roger Willis - Meadville, PA

Here are photos of both windows. Installation was easy and straight forward. We really like the clean look and, as hoped, there was no condensation this morning! Thank you for everything. Tom

Sandy / Tom Davenport - Damascus, Virginia